Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Our poor little Olly came down with this weird viral infection I've never even heard of until now. HFM Disease is probably the worst thing we've ever had in our home. First of all the name alone sounds awful! It all started with a fever, then lead to sore throat, loss of appetite and the worst part was the itchy feet. It kept poor Olly up all night the first two nights. Soon the itchy feet turned into red bumps which then turned into these nasty blisters. Needless to say we've had a rough week. Poor little Olly feels like he can't touch anything or anyone. He hasn't been able to touch Brooklyn for at least 5 days now and it's killing him. Makes me feel so bad to see him this way. The worst part about this whole thing is there isn't much you can do for them. No medicine, no cream, no nothing. You just kind of have to wait it out and hope nobody else in the family gets it. He already passed it on to one of my nieces. Thankfully Lily and Brooklyn haven't gotten it. I'm just hoping and praying that this is the end of it. He's feeling a lot better now and the blisters are starting to go away. So things are beginning to look up.

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