Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Halloween Birthday Party

Seriously can't believe Lily is "7" now. I'm WAY too young to have a "7" year old. We just had Lily's party this weekend and it sure was a lot of fun.

I just love Halloween, so I always get so excited about planning Lily's party, what a great time of year to have a party right?

Lily helped me plan and make everything this year, which made it a lot more fun.

We started out by making our jello brain platter. We found a brain mold at the grocery store, then just bought 2 boxes of black cherry jello and added one packet of just plain gelatin. We needed to make sure it was good and firm and wouldn't fall apart when removing it from the mold. Also, I sprayed some cooking spray in the mold before adding the jello mix. It worked perfectly. the brain didn't fall apart and it came right out of the mold. I was so proud that I didn't screw it up :).

Then we made a graveyard cake. I saw a picture of one on Pinterest, but I think it originally came from the Family Fun magazine. This was such an easy cake to make and saved me about $20 too :). We just used a box mix, then added the frosting after it cooled. Then we used pretzels for the fence, short bread cookies for the tombstones, gel frosting for the letters and oreos for the dirt. I removed the white frosting from the oreos before crushing them.

Then we made a plate full of bones. These treats are so yummy and SO addicting. Just stick some mini marshmallows on the ends of pretzels, then dip in white chocolate. YUM!

Then we made some hot dog mummies. Just wrapped some hot dogs in croissant dough and baked at 350% until golden. Afterwards I added mustard for the eyes and served with "blood" (ketchup) for dipping. They were a hit! I saw this on Pinterest too. Don't know exactly where the idea originated, probably from the Family Fun magazine again. Love their website too.

Then we got Lily all decked out in her costume. She wanted to be a vampire. I found these vampire teeth at the grocery store. They were meant for adult teeth so they didn't last very long. Just long enough to snap a picture. But they look awesome don't you think? The make up was done using a stencil kit I found in the Halloween section at the store.

We decorated the table. We also made some witches brew with dry ice, but I didn't get a picture of that.

Then all the friends came.

After we had dinner and cake we painted pumkins, played hide and go seek in the dark using glow sticks, then watched the Shreck Spooky Tales. It was awesome!

Happy Birthday my sweet Lily Rae!!!

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