Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Thought I was Pregnant...

This is a little story about the time I thought I was pregnant... It took place LAST WEEK! Can you imagine!!! Brooklyn is not even a year old yet and I feel it was just yesterday I was waddling around with little Brooklyn inside me. I need WAY more time between pregnancies. Love the baby part, but oh boy, I do NOT like being pregnant. I'm still nursing and still haven't gotten my period thank goodness. I was just having weird hormonal things happening to me, cramping, break outs, my hair felt different, I gained a couple pounds, I was emotional, and tired. And I have a little confession to make... I'm not on birth control and I've never been on birth control. I know what you're thinking... WHAT!!! Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Well, I have my reasons, one being I'm just plain afraid of it. I guess I'm more afraid of birth control side effects than I am of having unplanned pregnancies. So far our method has worked. Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to work :). So anyway, I took pregnancy test after pregnancy test. Seriously, I was obsessing over it. There were a couple of tests where I swore I saw a line. Sean insisted there was no line. So I continued to take the tests. Finally after taking a half dozen tests I have peace of mind. I'm NOT pregnant. Although there would be a certain level of excitement if I WAS pregnant, now is definitely not the right time. Oh and for any of you who may be trying to conceive and have spent a ton of money on pregnancy tests, I have a recommendation for you. After taking multiple trips to the store, spending a small fortune on sticks to pee on, I decided to do a little research. After reading a bunch of positive reviews, I found a pack of 2o tests for only $7 on Amazon. Here's what they look like.

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