Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hermit Crabs

A couple week ago my dear sister in law gave my kids some Hermit Crabs for Olivers birthday. I never even knew you could have a crab as a pet. Apparently you can get them the the pet store and they come all painted like this. So cute don't you think? Well at least when they stay inside the shell. Eeee, they kind of creep me out. Lily insisted that hers slept in her room with her... A couple hours later she came down and said she could hear her crab moving around a lot and it was scaring her. So we moved it down stairs :). The kids sure had fun with them though. They held them, cared for them, and even had races with them. The pink one proved to be a winner. Oliver grew quite attached to his until one day the little crab got sick of him constantly poking at him when he was inside his shell. So he gave Olly a nice hard pinch on his finger. That taught him :). The excitement lasted about a week and they soon forgot about the poor little things. As a result we sadly lost poor Amy (the pink one). So we decided to give her a proper barrial. But first we had to see what she looked like outside of her shell.   Dear Amy, you brought us so much joy for the entire 8 days you were with us. We will never forget your creepy little eyes and your scratchy legs that kept us all on our toes, literally. Rest In Peace dear Amy, you will be missed. All in all it was a great little lesson for the kids. Helped them learn the value of taking responsibility for their own pets and the consequences if they didn't.