Monday, January 28, 2013

Southern Utah Hike

Ever since we bought our house in St. George we have discovered some pretty amazing places to hike with the kids. One of my most favorites is the last one we did at Red Cliffs Nature Trail. I just loved this one because it had a cute little water fall at the end with a few different water holes for the kids to splash around in and cool off. It was a little hot for the kids, but thankfully the hike wasn't that long. Oliver made us hold him the whole way there and back. Needless to say we both got a great work out so that's always good. Look at Oliver's face, haha. This is his "hold me, I'm hot and tired face". Lily is such a little climber. Any chance she got to veer off the trail and hike up some big rocks, she took it. Brooklyn loved it. There was plenty of shaded spots to stop and rest for a minute. We saw lots of cool lizards which is the highlight for the kids. Ever since Sean discovered the Lizard Lasso they get so excited. This Lizard lasso is pretty cool. It was actually invented by a little boy. You've got to see his youtube video. Anyway, he sells this lasso that allows you to easily catch lizards, pretty much every time. Here's a picture of Lily with her catch. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt them, and we just do catch and release. Anyway, back to our hiking experience. This was Olly's one short stretch of walking on his own... lasted about as long as it took me to take this picture. Lily made a friend. Then we made it to the water holes. Felt so nice to cool off a bit. Lily even jumped off the rocks into the water, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of that because I was feeding Brooklyn. Then if you go up a little higher, there are more water holes with slippery rocks that people were using to slide down into the lower water holes.   So, if you ever make it down to Southern Utah then you have to check this place out. It was awesome!!!

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