Monday, January 28, 2013

Pool Party

To celebrate Lily finishing up her first year of homeschool I threw a little pool party for her. We had all her little St. George friends over for pizza, drinks, games, and swimming. I made it a hawaiian theme (since that was the theme at the dollar store), so we made pina colada's and played Hawaiian music via Pandora (don't you just love Pandora?). This summer I plan to continue doing a little homeschool. I want Lily to feel like she still gets a summer break just like the rest of her friends, so we made a little deal. We drew up a chart and I told her that for the summer she gets to choose when she wants to do school, and for every 5 days of school we do, she gets to pick an activity she wants to do. Water parks, amusement parks, parties, ect. She thinks that's a pretty great idea. She's already been choosing to do school every day since we made the chart. Working out quite well if you ask me.

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