Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sliced My Thumb

Making dinner tonight I was trying out my awesome new knives. I wanted to see just how sharp they were. And um, turns out they're pretty dang sharp...

I got a little cocky in the kitchen, chopping the veggies like I'm all professional or something.

Guess I got kind of caught up in the moment...
The first thing I thought when I saw the piece of my thumb fall onto the cutting board was, SHOOT now my thumb is going to look all deformed. I knew it was probably too small to sew back on but we saved it in a plastic baggy just in case :) Here it is...
I know, totally disgusting right!!! I could barely look at it myself but I couldn't resist taking a picture so I could blog about it, lol (the other day I was just telling Sean how I felt like I'd run out of things to blog about... guess it's one way to cure bloggers block).
As we were rushing out the door I was sure to make a lesson out of it and told Oliver how important it was NOT to play with knives. He was speechless as I flashed my bloody thumb in front of his face.
Thankfully there was no wait at the insta care and I got right in. It was freaking KILLING me!!! I thought I was all tough now because I delivered a baby naturally. Nope, guess I'm still a wimp. The doctor placed some kind of mesh over the wound and pushed it down to make it stick. What the!!! Are you kidding me? Couldn't have been more painful. Then he asked if I wanted a pain killer... um yes PLEASE!!!!
When I got home, Oliver handed me a butter knife and said, "you can only play with these ones mommy".

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