Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeschool Fun

We've sure been enjoying homeschool, especially this time of year when we can head down to our St. George home and enjoy the beautiful sunshine weather.

We spend most of our days learning to read, doing crafts, and exploring the world around us. Lily loves to catch all kinds of living things like frogs, grass hoppers, praying mantis, and even lizards. A few months ago we were down in St. George, spending an afternoon outside making a jewelry box.

We took an old box we got from Macy's, tissue paper, tacky glue, and glitter.
Just mix a little water into the tacky glue and start painting it on the box. Then quickly add the stripes of tissue paper.
During our crafting fun we spotted a lizard in our court yard. We quickly called Sean over to catch it for us (he's really good at catching them). Then it became Lily's little pet.
In the process of catching it the tail had to be sacrificed :(
We weren't about to just toss it away like some meaningless piece of garbage.

We turned it into art ;)

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