Thursday, March 29, 2012

Comfy Mom Shoes

One things for sure. My high heel shoes I used to ALWAYS wear are a thing of the past. I went from these ridiculously high stilettos...

To a slight decline...

To a small platform shoe...

To a barely there heel...

Until finally deciding that I just can't do heels anymore. I mean how in the heck can I wear heels when I've got a baby attached to my hip and I'm constantly chasing around a 3 year old.

So I've learned to love flats :) Here are a few of the pairs I bought recently.

Funny thing about these shoes is I was searching for Tom's on Amazon and I accidentally searched for Bob's instead, haha. I never knew there were such a brand, but these ones came up and I just LOVED them, so I bought them right away. I'm kind of an Amazon fan if you haven't noticed. I signed up for Prime which means you pay something like $80 a year and you can get everything free 2 day shipping. It really comes in handy because you can pretty much find anything on Amazon. I buy school supplies, clothes, jewelry, shoes, toys, craft supplies, books of course and even some foods. It's nice when you've got kids and you don't always want to make that dreadful trip to the store. It comes right to my front door :)

I got these from Target.

And I absolutely LOVE my new crochet Toms!!! They are by far my favorite shoes. So cute and SOOOO comfy which is really the most important to me these days.

I got these ones on Amazon too.

And these cute yellow ones from Modcloth.

So there ya go. A few cute and comfy shoes for all you moms :)

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