Friday, March 15, 2013

Pilgrims and Indians

Last week as part of our homeschool we had a little history lesson on Thanksgiving and set up a whole scene. It was fun seeing them act out the story using our little set. Here is a list below of all the items we used to make this.
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Printouts from Making Learning Fun
  • Rocks and sticks we collected from outside
  • Brown spray paint
  • Green brown and blue felt
  • Cardboard from a cereal box
  • White card stock paper
  • Small milk carton cut in half
  • Cake pop stick (for the Mayflower sales), I'm sure a straw would work just fine too
  • Hot glue gun
For the Teepee I just used some cereal box cardboard, rolled it into a cone, stapled it together, then spray painted it with this really cool texture paint we found Home depot a while ago. Then I hot glued some twigs to the top. I just threw in some sparkly pip cleaners and what ever else I could find that shimmered a little :).

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